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Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

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The Legend of Korra [Mar. 7th, 2011|10:36 am]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans


I'm just gonna leave this official artwork here.

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So... [Oct. 14th, 2010|05:14 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans
Anybody else excited for "The Legend Of Korra?" 
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The Last Airbender [Jul. 3rd, 2010|10:21 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans
I have never been so disappointed in my life.  I knew 30 SECOND IN, before a character even had an opportunity to poorly portray their character, that the movie was going to be a failure.  Who is Soak-uh?  Why is everyone portrayed as so devoid of any emotion but depression?  Why did we get to see the Firelord's face already?  Why was everyone's hair wrong?  Why was the only line taken from the cartoon "Yip Yip," and nothing else?  I DEMAND A GIANT KOI-MAN.  

We have to stop Shyamanalanala before he gets to Book II.

I'd like to share a few reviews from people more word-geniusy than me:

The Last Airbender is an agonizing experience in every category I can think of and others still waiting to be invented.

The Last Airbender: Worst Movie Epic Ever?

The dialogue he wrote has the stilted sagacity of a fortune-cookie dictum; after each line is delivered, you may be tempted to shout out, "In bed!"

One word in the TV show's title — Avatar — reminds you, by its absence, what The Last Airbender is missing. Shyamalan has none of James Cameron's gift for building a cohesive, compelling fantasy from scratch. Cameron's Avatar has a density of imagination, suggesting that the filmmakers thought out every aspect of Pandora, within the audience's field of vision and beyond it. Airbender settles for a limited vision and stodgy attitude. The promise of fabulous martial-arts scenes goes unrealized; there's no great kung-fu fighting here.

Thank you for your time.
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The Last Airbender clips [Jun. 28th, 2010|10:20 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans
Trailers, clips, and behind the scenes featurettes from The Last Airbender.
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Airbender Collector's Edition? [Jun. 22nd, 2010|02:21 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

[mood |curiouscurious]

What gives? What are these all about? Are they worth buying if you already own the original?
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here's a fan video for you guys [Aug. 26th, 2009|04:43 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

A friend of mine linked me to this. It's probably the best Avatar fan video I've ever seen.

Set to (I know, I know) Duran Duran. What.

look just watch it okayCollapse )
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SUPER DEFORMED ICONS! & much more [Aug. 26th, 2009|01:16 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

[mood |geeky]

here are some icons, graphics, anis, etc. from Avatar & the Super Deformed shorts. =D
*credit = good
*textless icons are not bases
*if there is something you want that isn't here, lemme know




warning: VERY image heavy!Collapse )</div>


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2 poems that remind me of Avatar. [Aug. 18th, 2009|01:38 am]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

here's a poem i found in one of my favorite collections (a book called "Why am I grown so cold?: Poems of the unknowable). it's untitled, and credited as "Central Eskimo."

That Woman down there beneath the sea,
She wants to hide the seals from us.
These hunters in the dance house,
They cannot right matters.
They cannont mend matters.
Into the spirit world
Will go I,
Where no humans dwell.
Set matters right will I.
Set matters right will I.

aside from the whole connection betw. the polar water tribes and the Eskimos/Inuits/etc, it made me think of Aang always going into the spirit world to solve the problems of the physical world. there's this sense of duty in the poem... a resignation to it but also a dedication. the comment about no one else being able to solve the problem, continuing into the statement that the speaker is going to go get the job done.

here's another one, from the same book. "Strange Tree," by Elizabeth Madox Roberts. it reminds me of "The Swamp." Particularly the gang's initial reaction to the place.

Away beyond the Jarboe house
I saw a different kind of tree.
Its trunk was old and large and bent,
And I could feel it look at me.

The road was going on and on
Beyond to reach some other place.
I saw a tree that looked at me,
And yet it did not have a face.

It looked at me with all its limbs;
It looked at me with all its bark.
The yellow wrinkles on its sides
Were bent and dark.

And then I ran to get away,
But when I stopped to turn and see,
The tree was bending to the side
And leaning out to look at me.


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Sifu Kisu at SDCC 2009 [Jul. 29th, 2009|06:13 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

I was at Comic Con this year. So was Sifu Kisu, the choreographer and martial arts consultant for Avatar. Here's some (incredible, awesome) video.

Seriously, I could not believe what I was seeing, how adorable and wonderful it was, and how happy to be a GIANT NERD it made me.
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Possible new Boozebenders podcast episode [Jul. 2nd, 2009|12:02 pm]
Over-18 Avatar: The Last Airbender fans

Hey guys. Long time no post!

In an effort to stave off DESPAIR, I'm thinking of doing another Boozebenders Podcast episode, talking mostly about FANDOM FAVORITES.

Would anybody be interested in getting in on this? I'll do it solo if I have to, but nobody wants that.
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